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Tilt Up Wall Braces B1A B4 B5 B12 B14


    Adjustable & Fixed Wall Braces

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    • All sizes of Adjustable & Fixed Wall Braces Available as of 4/25/2023.

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    Item Qty Unit
    B14 [41'-3 880 each


    Item Qty Unit
    B12A [31'-3 840 each


    Item Qty Unit
    B1A [8'-0 To 14'-0 1153 each


    Item Qty Unit
    B4 [14'-6 1454 each


    Item Qty Unit
    B5 [22'-6 To 30'-10 1685 each
  • Adjustable & Fixed Wall Brace Sizes:


    Tilt Up braces. Tilt-up braces for concrete wall panels and Tilt-up braces Exterior wall: Tilt-up braces Supports, devices, attachments, and intermediate joint seals. Tilt-up braces are designed to withstand loads as calculated in accordance with applicable code and erection forces. Tilt-up Braces accommodate construction tolerances, deflection of building structural members and clearances of intended openings. Tilt-up Braces and size components to withstand seismic loads and sway displacement as calculated in accordance with applicable to accommodate building movement and thermal movement. Braces allow adjustment to accommodate misalignment of structure without unit distortion or damage. Tilt-up braces concrete shop drawings signed and sealed by professional engineer. Tilt-up braces brace layout, tilt-up braces unit locations, location of embedded items, reinforcement, connection details, location of lifting devices and lift points, dimensions, and relationship to adjacent components. Tilt-up braces concrete Design Data signed and sealed by professional engineer. Tilt-up braces brace data reports indicating calculations for in-place and erection loadings and stresses. Tilt-up braces in position, consistent with their shape and design, Lift and support only from support points. TILT UP BRACES Protect units from staining and chipping. PART 2 PRODUCTS MATERIALS A. Cement: ASTM C150, Type I -Normal Portland type; color as required to achieve selected finish. TILT-UP BRACES PRECAST CONCRETE TILT-UP BRACES Concrete Materials; water and san Tilt Up braces Bar Reinforcement deformed steel bars, strength and size commensurate with tilt-up braces unit design. TILT UP BRACES Reinforcement: ASTM A185; welded steel wire fabric, strength and size commensurate with tilt-up braces unit design. TILT UP BRACES Air Entrainment Admixture: ASTM C260. F. Grout: Non-shrink type, minimum 10,000 psi, 28 day strength. FORMS LINERS Contractors option, materials that are not reactive with concrete and will provide required finish. Form Liners: Glass fiber reinforced polyester. Configuration As selected Tilt Up braces. Steel; Tilt Up braces B. Bolts, Nuts, and Washers: ASTM A307, Tilt Up braces C. Primer: Zinc rich oil alky Tilt Up braces TILT UP BRACES Touch-Up braces Primer for surfaces: SSPC 20, Type I Inorganic zinc rich. 2.4 ACCESSORIES A. Bearing Pads: High density plastic, 1/8 inches thick, smooth both sides. B. Recessed steel, shaped and flanged to remain in place once cast, foam plastic filled to eliminate wet concrete intrusion. C. Sealant: Silicone, as specified in Section 07900. 2.5 MIX A. Concrete: Minimum 4,000 psi, 28 day strength unless indicated otherwise, air entrained to 5 to 7 percent in accordance with ACI 301. B. Provide concrete to project site in accordance with Section 03300. 2.6 FINISH -SUP BRACESPORT DEVICES A. Clean surfaces of rust, scale, grease, and foreign matter. TILT-UP BRACES PRECAST CONCRETE for Steel Shapes: ASTM A123/A123M; minimum 2.0 oz/sq ft coating thickness; after fabrication. C. For Nuts, Bolts and Washers: ASTM A153/A153M. PART 3 EXECUTION 3.1 EXAMINATION A. Section 01300 -Administrative Requirements: Coordination and project conditions. B. Verify building structure, anchors, devices, and openings are ready to receive work of this Section. 3.2 PREPARATION A. Provide for erection procedures and induced loads during erection. Maintain temporary bracing in place until final support is provide Tilt Up braces 3.3 ERECTION -SITE CAST A. Maintain environmental records and quality control program during production of tilt-up braces units. Make records available up on request. Use rigid molds, constructed to maintain tilt-up braces units uniform in shape, size and finish. C. Maintain consistent quality during manufacture Tilt Up braces TILT UP BRACES Fabricate connecting devices, plates, angles, items fit to steel framing members, inserts, bolts, and accessories. Fabricate to permit initial placement and final attachment. TILT UP BRACES Embed reinforcing steel, anchors, inserts plates, angles, and other cast-in items as indicated on Drawings. F. Place recessed flashing continuous and straight. G. Locate hoisting devices to permit removal after erection. H. Cure units to develop concrete quality and to minimize appearance blemishes including non- uniformity, staining, or surface cracking. I. Minor patching is acceptable, providing structural adequacy and appearance of units is not impaired Tilt Up braces 3.4 ERECTION -PLANT CAST A. Erect units without damage to shape or finish. Replace or repair damaged panels. Do not lift prior to 75 percent of 28 day strength. TILT-UP BRACES PRECAST CONCRETE TILT-UP BRACES Erect members level and plumb within allowable tolerances. C. Align and maintain uniform horizontal and vertical joints, as erection progresses. TILT UP BRACES when members require adjustment beyond design or tolerance criteria discontinue affected work; advise Architect. TILT UP BRACES Fasten and weld units in place Tilt Up braces Perform welding, including tack welds, in accordance with AWS D1.1. F. Touch-up braces scratched or damaged surfaces. G. Set units dry, without grout, attaining joint dimension with lead or plastic spacers. Grout pack base of unit. H. Exposed Joint Dimension: 1/2 inch. I. Patch holes, cut-off anchors, surface defects, and damaged corners to match panel with epoxy/cement paste adhesive Tilt Up braces J. Seal perimeter and intermediate joints in accordance with Section 07900 with silicone sealant. 3.5 ERECTION TOLERANCES -SITE CAST A. Section 01400 -Quality Requirements: Tolerances. B. Maximum Out of Square: 1/8 inch in 10 feet, non-cumulative Tilt up braces C. Variation from Dimensions Indicated on Shop Drawings: Plus or minus 1/8 inch. TILT UP BRACES Maximum Misalignment of Anchors, Inserts, Openings: 1/8 inch. TILT UP BRACES Maximum Bowing of Units: Length of bow/ 360. F. Location of 1/4 inch from indicated position. 3.6 ERECTION TOLERANCES -PLANT CAST A. Section 01400 -Quality Requirements: Tolerances. B. Maximum Variation from Plane of Location: 1/4 inches in 10 feet and 3/8 inch in 100 feet, non-cumulative Tilt Up braces C. Maximum Offset from Indicated Alignment between Two Connecting Units: 1/4 inch. TILT UP BRACES Joint Tolerance: Plus or minus 1/4 inch. TILT-UP BRACES PRECAST CONCRETE FIELD QUALITY CONTROL A. Section 01400 -Quality Requirements: Testing and Inspection Services. B. Field inspection and testing will be performed by Owners testing laboratory in accordance with ACI 318 and applicable code Tilt Up braces C. Perform field inspection and testing in accordance with ACI 318 and applicable code Tilt Up braces TILT UP BRACES Provide free access to Work and cooperate with appointed firm. TILT UP BRACES Submit proposed mix design of each class of concrete to inspection and testing firm for review prior to commencement of Work. F. Concrete Inspections: 1. Continuous Placement Inspection: Inspect for proper installation procedures. 2. Periodic Curing Inspection: Inspect for specified curing temperature and procedures. G. Strength Test Samples: 1. Sampling Procedures: ASTM C172. 2. Cylinder Molding and Curing Procedures: ASTM C31/C31M, cylinder specimens, standard cured and field cure Tilt Up braces 3. Sample concrete and make one set of three cylinders for every 75 150 cu yards or less of each class of concrete placed each day and for every 5,000 s.f. of surface area for slabs and walls. 4. Make one additional cylinder during cold weather concreting, and field cur Tilt Up braces H. Field Testing: 1. Slump Test Method: ASTM C143/C143M. 2. Air Content Test Method: ASTM C173/C173M. 3. Temperature Test Method: ASTM C1064/C1064M. 4. Measure slump and temperature for each compressive strength concrete sample Tilt Up braces 5. Measure air content in air entrained concrete for each compressive strength concrete Sample Tilt Up braces I. Cylinder Compressive Strength Testing: 1. Test Method: ASTM C39. 2. Test Acceptance: In accordance with ACI 318 and applicable cod Tilt Up braces 3. Test one cylinder at 7 days. 4. Test two cylinders at 28 days. 5. Dispose remaining cylinders when testing is not require Tilt Up braces J. Core Compressive Strength Testing: 1. Sampling and Testing Procedures: ASTM C42/C42M. 2. Test Acceptance: In accordance with ACI 318 and applicable cod Tilt Up braces 3. Drill three cores for each failed strength test from concrete represented by failed strength test. TILT-UP BRACES PRECAST CONCRETE TILT-UP BRACES Maintain records of concrete placement. Record date, location, quantity, air temperature and test samples taken. 3.8 ADJUSTING Concrete Wall Braces A. Execution Requirements: Testing, adjusting, and balancing. B. Adjust units so joint dimensions are within tolerances. 3.9 PROTECTION OF INSTALLED CONSTRUCTION A. Section 01700 -Execution Requirements: Protecting installed construction. B. Protect units from damage Tilt Up braces C. Use non-combustible shields during welding operations to protect adjacent Work. TILT-UP BRACES PRECAST CONCRETE

    National Forming, Co.
    Phone: (888) 367-7553
    We specialize In Tilt-UP Braces

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