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Tilt-Up Wall Braces Dayton

  • Used DAYTON Wall Braces

    USED Tilt-Up Brace Sizes Now Available 5/28/2024
    B-4 ( 14'6" to 23'6" ) | B-5 ( 22'6" to 39' ) | B-12 ( 32' Fixed ) | B-14 ( 10' Extension for use with the B-12 Pipe Brace )

    Used DAYTON Tilt-Up/Precast wall braces in VERY GOOD condition, now available 1/30/2023 for purchase. We have GREAT prices on used concrete wall braces that are very difficult to find in the used marketplace. Please reach our Sales Department for delivered pricing.

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  • Dayton Superior WALL BRACES
    ( B4 B5 B8 B9 B10 B12 B14 )

    For Tilt-Up concrete wall formwork, Masonry concrete support, Precast concrete walls, and on site poured in place concrete walls.

    Dayton Tilt-Up Wall Braces Knee, Lateral and End Bracing Provide End Braces every 100 ft. for total brace stability. Lateral brace located at mid length of Dayton Tilt-Up Wall Braces (Must be continuous) Cross bracing should be limited to maximum intervals of 100 ft. for total brace stability. In order to properly strengthen the main pipe brace, knee bracing, lateral bracing and end bracing must be installed at the mid-point of the main Dayton Tilt-Up Wall Braces. Cross bracing is an acceptable alternative to lateral bracing and end bracing. This method provides excellent panel stability when the erection sequence dictates that there are no adjacent panels that would make continuous lateral bracing possible. Lateral Dayton Tilt-Up Wall bracing must be limited to a maximum of 100 feet and each interval of lateral bracing must begin and end with either an end brace to ground or cross-bracing. In addition, each day a panel erection end or cross-bracing must be installed on the first and last wall brace to prevent compromise of the day’s bracing activity. Either lumber or pipe may be used as knee and end Dayton Tilt-Up Wall Braces depending on the preference of the contractor. Brace to Floor Slabs Dayton Superior specifies ONLY the T-4 castin- place anchor or the T-13 COIL-ANCHOR drill-in anchor for use in attaching braces to the floor slab. When Dayton Tilt-Up Wall bracing tilt-up panels to a floor slab, a 5” minimum thick slab should be used unless it has been thickened at the brace anchor location as shown. Normally, a floor slab having a uniform thickness of 5” or greater is used in the construction of a tilt-up building. However, the floor slab thickness must be designed by a competent engineer as the thickness depends on several factors, including: basic wind speed, panel height, distance from panel to the first floor joint, leave out width and various dimensions of the bracing system.

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    We specialize In Dayton Tilt-Up Wall Braces for sale

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