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EFCO Plate Girder forms


    8/3/2022 - Now Available

    A very large inventory of EFCO Steel Plate Girder Forms has just now become available for purchase. All panels are in good, straight condition with FLAT FACES, & available at VERY GOOD prices.

    Please reach our Sales Department for EFCO Plate Girder forms and delivered pricing.


    We Also Have Available SYMONS Plate Girder Max-a-FORM wall forms

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    Item Qty Unit
    Plate Girder 3200 sq. ft.
    All Steel Self-Spanning Forms
    Complete Modular System
    Column and Wall Mounted Systems

    PLATE GIRDER Form System panels Face: One Piece 3/16" Steel Ribs: Zee Ribs @ l' cc Tie Bearings and Holes: Typically at 4' cc Weight: 18 Ibs./sq. ft. Average EFCO Panel Connectors include: EFCO Quick Bolts A325 Bolts In Corner Bolting Blocks PLATE GIRDER Examples: Clear Span Capacity: 4'-OR x 4'-0" Wide - 25'-0" Span 8'-OR x 4'-0" Wide - 28'-0" Span Moment Capacity: Rib Depth (R) x 60,000 Ibs... The Approx. Capacity In Ft. Lbs. (12'-0" Rib Panels Only - 3 Bolt Has A Capacity Of 1150 Ft. Lbs.) EFCO Plate Girder Pour Pressure 3' rib thru 9' rib-1200 Ib/sq.ft. 10' rib thru 12' rib 1000 Ib/sq.ft. EFCO Plate Girder Ties: Spacing - Up to 96 sq. ft. of form surface per tie.

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    Phone: (888) 367-7553
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