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PERI Skydeck System

  • PERI Skydeck

    LOCATED IN THE USA - This is an excellent opportunity to purchase used PERI Skydeck materials, at a great price, in very good condition. Please reach our Sales Department for the PERI Skydeck inventory & further details.

    PERI Slab Formwork
    Has Just Become Available 3/5/2024

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    PERI Formwork

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    PERI Skydeck 1 Truckloads
  • PERI SKYDECK Panelised Slab Formwork System for Slab Thicknesses up to 950 mm. Striking can be carried out after only one day depending on the slab thickness and strength of concrete with the PERI Skydeck system. PERI Skydeck Panels are easier to detach from the concrete, materials handling is accelerated, and the quantity of materials is reduced. PERI SKYDECK drophead's have a self-locking coupling for quick assembly. PERI SKYDECK only requires 0.29 props per m2 of slab.
    The PERI Skydeck design of the main beams reduces the number of props which saves time and creates more free space under the formwork. The large prop spacing of PERI Skydeck means more room for moving formwork equipment or storing of construction materials. The PERI Skydeck drophead is released with a hammer blow, causing the formwork to drop 60 mm. PERI Skydeck Panels and main beams can then be moved to the next cycle. After striking, only the PERI props with PERI dropheads and cover strips remain in place. The low individual PERI Skydeck panel weight allows easy and stress free erecting and striking. No PERI Skydeck part weighs more than 15 kg.

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