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PERI Push Pull Props

  • PERI Push Pull Props

    PERI Tilt-Up Braces


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    PERI Push Pull Props 865 each
  • PERI TILT UP BRACES RS 210, PERI Push-Pull RS 260, PERI Push-Pull 300, PERI Push-Pull 450 and PERI Push-Pull 650 push-pull-props. PERI bracing can be assembled from the peri formowrk erection area. PERI bracing ensures a long service life, low maintenance costs and fast handling of the PERI Push-Pull Props. All tilt up concrete work can be safely done from the ground and without ladders, working scaffold or work platforms. Therefore, all PERI push-pull props are now galvanized, with the exception of the PERI Push-Pull 210 telescopic. The Quick Connector Head RS and the Push-Pull Prop Connector are pre-assembled on the horizontally-positioned prefabricated element and push-pull prop. The available lengths in the push-pull prop programme are complemented by the PERI RS Push-Pull Prop 1000 and RS 1400 props which are already manufactured in the same way. By attaching the push-pull prop adapter to the quick connector head, the TILT UP BRACE securing lock is pushed up. Rough adjustment in 10-cm-increments can be carried out within seconds thanks to the possibility of telescoping PERI Push-Pull Prop RS I. For dismantling peri BRACES, the securing lock is simply pushed up with a board or a reinforcement bar and the push-pull prop is released. The fine adjustment then takes place with only a few turns of the PERI Push-Pull Prop RS II. The PERI RSS Push-Pull Props 210 to RS 650 push pull props can be handled, regardless of the required extension length, from the assembly area. With the PERI Push-Pull Prop Adapter and Quick Connector Head RS, PERI PRECAST BRACE push-pull props are quickly installed on prefabricated elements. For using PERI RS push-pull props with prefabricated concrete elements, the Push-Pull Prop Adapter RS and the Quick Connector Head RS are used. The TILT UP BRACE securing lock falls downwards, locks in position and prevents the push-pull prop from being detached due to tensile or comprehensive loads. Base Plate RS for all PERI push-pull props, the Base Plate-2 RS is used. The tilt up concrete securing lock of the Quick Connector Head secures and positions the push-pull prop. The optimal System for every Project and every Requirements PERI Push-Pull Props. For this, the PERI Push-Pull Prop RSS I 650 also has a chain guide which makes attaching and releasing the lifting chains possible without a ladder. Through attaching the peri formwork Push-Pull Prop Adapter RS to the pre-assembled Quick Connector Head. As a result, the PERI Push-Pull Prop RSS I can be safely and quickly installed and dismantled from the ground. It is equipped with 2 bolts and thus allows the connection of the smaller PERI Push-Pull Prop RSS I in each case as kicker braces. PERI formwork systems and prefabricated elements. PERI Push-Pull Props for use with prefabricated concrete elements. Safe installation of PERI Push-Pull Prop RSS II on prefabricated concrete elements from the ground is possible. For aligning PERI formwork systems. With the new PERI Push-Pull Prop adapter RS together with the Quick Connector Head RS. Tilt up concrete Push-Pull Prop Adapter RS For aligning prefabricated concrete elements. Working operations become considerably faster because no ladders are required with PERI Push-Pull Prop RSS III.

    National Forming, Co.
    Phone: (888) 367-7553
    We specialize In PERI FORMWORK

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