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Horizontal Steel Spans QB3


    Horizontal Steel Spans

    9'11" - 17'4" Adjustable Horizontal Steel Spans in very good condition at great prices. Reach us to discuss further.Now Available 6/14/24

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    We specialize In Adjustable Horizontal Spans


    Item Qty Unit
    Adjustable Spanall 2812 each
  • SPANALL Horizontal shoring system. SPANALL horizontal shoring beams deliver substantial time and cost savings because of their high load carrying capacity. SPANALL maximizes the allowable load potential of vertical shoring support systems and keeps the deck wide open for worker access. INTERFORM aluminum joist and aluminum stringer. Aluminum joist Aluminum stringer. High strength joists and stringers are the low-cost alternative to lumber for stationary shoring applications. Used in combination with the 20K heavyduty shoring frames, the system is designed to set up faster, with fewer components to rent or buy, and fewer pieces to handle or set, than with conventional methods and materials. Labor savings are substantial because the aluminum joist and aluminum stringers are lighter, and easier to handle than wood, while offering greater capacity. You can use fewer joists, stringers, ledger beams, and shoring frames to reduce set-up time and speed stripping. These durable joists and stringers can be reused over and over on many projects, helping to eliminate scrap and new material costs. Rugged, non-corrosive construction insures many reuses. Standard 3⁄8" (10 mm) twist bolts and joist clips firmly anchor joist to the stringer. Available in a variety of standard lengths. The nailer strip provides the same advantages of wood with the economy of aluminum and is easily replaced. Nailer strips are flush with the top of the joist and stringer; no grout leakage. Lightweight joists and stringers are easy to handle and place. Wide top flange provides an extremely rigid decking and work surface. Wider 3" x 2" nominal nailer makes nailing of deck easier, quicker. Capacity: 250 lbs.* per linear foot (372 kg/m) at 10' (3.05 m) spans. Joist weight: 4.5 lbs. per foot (6.7 kg/m) including nailer strip. *Deflection limited to L/360. Capacity: 520 lbs.*(774 kg/m) per linear foot at 10' (3.05 m) spans. Stringer weight: 5.2 lbs. per foot (7.7 kg/m) including nailer strip. *Deflection limited to L/360. Note: For specific load data covering your particular job requirement, contact your nearest Patent Branch Office at patent construction. SPANALL 47 For spans from 4'3" (1.3 m) to 6'10" (2.1 m). For pre-stressed and steel girder bridges, narrow corridors and narrow continuous dropheads. Weight: 28 lb. (13 kg). Maximum bending moment. 1,450 ft.-lb. (6.45 kN) Maximum end reaction. 2,380 lb. (1080 kg) SPANALL 610 For building corridors, dropheads and bridge formwork where medium spans are required. Members adjust from 6'1" (1.8 m) to 10'2" (3.1 m). Weight 49 lb. (22 kg). Maximum bending moment. . 4,000 ft.-lb. (17.79 kN) Maximum end reaction . . . . . 2,750 lb. (1247 kg) SPANALL 814 Ideal for high-rise construction where low weight is of prime importance. Adjustable for spans from 8'8" (2.6 m) to 14'9" (4.5 m). Weight: 78 lb. (35 kg). Maximum bending moment. . . . .6,200 ft.-lb. (27.58kN) Maximum end reaction. . . . . 2,500 lb. (1134 kg) SPANALL 1015 Perfect for multi-story form construction with spans from 9'11" (3.0 m) to 15'5" (4.7 m). Weight: 100 lb. (45 kg). Maximum bending moment. 9,100 ft.-lb. (40.48 kN) Maximum end reaction. . . . . 3,300 lb. (1497 kg) SPANALL 730 The standard unit for long-span and heavy-load formwork, with two-section spans from 8'7" (2.6 m) to 19'9" (6.0 m) and three-section spans up to 29'7" (9.0 m). Weight depends on number and type of sections used. Maximum bending moment (2 member) 12,200 ft.-lb. (54.27 kN) Maximum bending moment (3 member) . . 10,800 ft.-lb. (48.04 kN) Maximum end reaction . . . . . . . 3,740 lb. (1696 kg) SPANALL 47 SPANALL 610 SPANALL 814 SPANALL 1015 SPANALL 730 J-400 41⁄2" (115 mm) 21⁄2" (64 mm) 61⁄2" (165 mm) 1 1⁄2" (38 mm) 5" (127 mm) 11

    National Forming, Co.
    Phone: (888) 367-7553
    We specialize In Horizontal Steel Spans

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