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MEVA Lite Concrete Forms

  • MEVA Lite Concrete Formwork

    MEVA Brand "LITE" Concrete Wall Formwork. Large quantity of used Meva LITE Concrete Forms NOW Available (6/13/2024). Reach our sales department for Meva Lite Concrete Formwork.

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  • MEVA Formwork

    MevaLite is a modular, handset clamp formwork system. The mevalite formwork system is perfect for all contractors involved in commercial, industrial and highway projects.
    The economic advantages of using meva lite formwork can be shown particularly in areas which are conventionally formed using traditional timber and plywood formwork systems, such as strip footings, foundation slabs, light shafts, various beams, landings and drain shafts. All MevaLite panels are available in 4 different heights and in 5 different widths
    (3', 2', 1'-6", 1', 6").
    Meva wall formwork accessories include aluminum fillers (1",2",3"), wall formwork systems corners (12"x12"), push-pull props and safety parts.
    The design and panel configuration of the MevaLite is in increments of 1".
    All Meva lite formwork panels are entirely symmetric. The wall form system aluminum frames are manufactured of closed profiles which are welded in mitred joints.
    Design of Meva formwork profiles are provided with a groove and an integrated protection for the formwork face; formwork walls.
    Pioneering panel formwork connection with the assembly lock. The tie-off bars allow safe working on the meva lite formworks. Meva form work systems are ergonomically designed cross stiffeners are made of closed aluminum profiles as well.
    Fast and safe attachment of accessory parts at the multifunction form walls profile.

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