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RASTO Wall Forms



    This is an excellent opportunity to purchase Hunnebeck RASTO Wall Formwork manufactured with rust resistant GALVANIZED steel frames in EXCELLENT condition at a GREAT price. Please reach our sales department for delivered description & pricing.

    National Forming, Co.
    Phone: (888) 367-7553
    We specialize In Hunnebeck RASTO FORMWORK

    ● RASTO forms are simple to use
    ● RASTO concrete forms are constructed with rigid steel frames from hollow profiles
    ● RASTO forms are hot-dip galvanized for longevity
    ● RASTO formwork is aligned within the system
    ● RASTO concrete forms have strong clamp joints
    ● RASTO forms have punched edge profile
    ● RASTO forms have retracted tying points
    ● RASTO formwork has plenty of practical details
    ● RASTO forms combine with TAKKO formwork
    ● RASTO formwork is capable of concrete pressures of 60 kN/m2
    ● RASTO concrete forms are constructed with high-quality 14 mm thick plastic-coated shuttering skin

    RASTO Panels come in 23 different sizes and can be combined vertically or horizontally to create almost any dimension.
    A full line of accessories and hardware makes coniguring gangs and setting details quick and simple.
    RASTO panel Clamps eliminate the need for walers even when moving large gangs.
    The Adjustable Aligning Clamp, Outer Corner Clamp and Strongback Clamp make panel connections for common details as fast and easy as standard panel connection.

    Rasto panels are manufactured with rust resistant hotdipped galvanized or dip painted steel frames.
    The form face is a 14 mm (1/2") plywood with a phenolic resin overlay on both sides to provide a high quality concrete inish and extended panel life.
    RASTO Panels, clamps and ties are designed to withstand 60 kN/m2 (1250 psf) of concrete pressure and are fully compatible with the SYMONS FormRight forming system.

    National Forming, Co.
    Phone: (888) 367-7553
    We specialize In Hunnebeck FORMWORK

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