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Pilosio Formwork

  • Minimag Pilosio Wall Forms

    Hard To Find Used PILOSIO Brand Handset Minimag Clamp Systems & Hardware In Good Condition. Reach our sales department for GREAT pricing on clamp forms.

    Used PILOSIO Wall Formwork now available 2/6/2023

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  • PILOSIO Minimag
    Light and modular panels of this system are conceived to be simple, easy, handy and extremely versatile. The basic panel 75x300 cm, equipped with a few simple accessories, performs outstanding solutions in any worksite. Minimag formwork, under the logical modularity in 6 widths (from 25 up to 75 cm) and 2 heights (300 and 150 cm) fits components to simply optimize the casting. Panels weigh just 32 Kg/ and so is the perfect solution on sites where a lifting system is not available. Ideal for mid-sized civil, residential and industrial engineering enterprises.

    The labor to construct foundations, basements, pillars, sets, are cut to a half the time when compared with traditional steel systems. All panels are done with a specific framing profile made of high-resistance steel and a casting surface of 15 mm plywood. The frame of panels is welded with robotized systems that assure quality of manufacturing for every unit, varnish coating by soaking gives the product a long lasting performance that other painting systems cannot assure. Also the fixing of plywood panel, coupling of bushing for the tie-rod, and the silicon sealing are done with specific high precision plants, to assure the highest standards of productivity and quality to this product.

    Minimag formwork is made to resist a pressure of wet concrete up to 60kN/ Time saving in assembly and dismantling is obtained with an extremely rapid clamp for coupling and aligning of panels in one move. A huge assortment of accessories (supporting and shoring brackets, beams, props) helps workers to accomplish all site operations in total safety.

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