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MEVA Imperial Wall Formwork

  • MEVA Imperial Forms

    MEVA Imperial forms; concrete wall formwork. Contact us for used MEVA Imperial wall forms.

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    MEVA Formwork

    Item Qty Unit
    Meva Imperial 2 Truckloads
  • MEVA Forms largest panel is 12 ft by 8 ft; easy detailing with heights of 12, 8, 4, & 2 feet and widths of 8, 4, 3 feet - 6", 3 foot, 2 feet - 6", 2 foot, 1 foot - 6" and 1 foot; panels hoizontally and vertically symmetric. MEVA Forms have the highest load capacity at 2,025 psf.

    MEVA Forms have an innovative, time saving clamp system: joins and aligns with just a few hammer blows. MEVA Forms have plastic facing; no re-facing; and asuperior finish. MEVA Forms use 1 1/4" - 1" taper ties, she-bolts & 7/8" thru rods.

    MEVA Forms have a horizontal multi-function profiles with built-in Dywidag threaded nuts for attachment of diagonal braces, steel rails and walkway brackets. MEVA Forms profiles are closed and coated like Mercedes auto bodies; easy to clean.

    MEVA Forms have eight transportation holes for moving stacked panels, easy pre-assembly of gangs; bump notch for easy shifting and lifting. MEVA Forms have a 1/2" vertical tie-off bar, solidly welded-in on every panel for safe working on the formwork.

    National Forming, Co.
    Phone: (888) 367-7553
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