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MEVA Imperial Forms Alkus

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  • MEVA Imperial is a crane set modular formwork system suitable for use on civil, commercial, industrial and highway projects. The MEVA Imperial Forms are composed of strong, durable steel frames and a high grade alkus composite facing that provides an excellent concrete finish. MEVA Imperial Forms are connected with the MEVA assembly lock which results in fast and efficient assembly with no nuts and bolts. A complete formwork assembly including accessories weighs about 18 psf. Panels are designed for a maximum lateral concrete pressure of 2025 psf when properly supported. MEVA Imperial Forms are available in 4 different heights (12’, 8’, 4’, and 2’) and in 8 different widths (8’, 4’, 3’-6”, 3’, 2’-6”, 2’, 1’-6”, and 1’). All panels are entirely symmetrical, which simplifies assembly. In addition, 4’ wide multipurpose panels are available in each height. These panels have multi-adjustment profiles for placing ties or column clamps and are ideal for forming 90° corners, columns, pilasters, and connections to existing walls. We specialize In Used Formwork Online.

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