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Doka Frami Handset

  • DOKA Frami Handset Wall Forms
    NOW AVAILABLE 3/15/2023

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    Item Qty Unit
    Frami 14600 LN. FT.
  • Doka Frami Xlife formwork is ideal for fast, cost-saving forming both with and without a crane. Saves time, cuts labor costs with its system logic, ease of cleaning and low form-tie ratio. DOKA Frami Xlife has several features that make it extremely cost-efficient. ● DOKA Frami Xlife sheet is easier and quicker to clean.
    ● DOKA Frami has a low form-tie ratio, which cuts costs ● DOKA Frami is quicker to reposition, as there is a clearly defined grid for the gang-forms ● Doka Frami has shorter forming-times, as the system minimizes any filler zones. High economy, maximum lifespan due to the DOKA Xlife sheet and galvanized hollow-section steel frames. Doka's Frami high product quality: ● Doka Frami lowers close-out and rehabilitation costs. ● Doka Frami ensures that the Doka Frami formwork system will have a long service life. Simplifies planning and handling as the system can be used in so many different ways. The ingenious Doka Frami Xlife formwork system gives you ● Doka Frami has huge flexibility, because you can combine panel heights from 3'-0" to 9'-0"

    National Forming, Co.
    Phone: (888) 367-7553
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