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BORG Joist Hangers

  • BORG Joist Hangers

    BORG Hangers back in stock 4/22/2024.

    All in good condition, & available at a good price. Please reach our Sales Department for BORG joist hangers.

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    Item Qty Unit
    BORG Adjustable Joist Hangers 3260 Each
  • BORG Joist Hanger

    The BORG adjustable joist hanger is a cost effective way to deck bridges, box culverts, cistern caps, and virtually any elevated slab. Just one BORG joist hanger bracket eliminates a standard joist hanger, deck bolt, plate washer and two coil nuts. Elevation of the BORG joist hangers are easily adjusted with the screw jack and the use of a string ling. When the BORG joists hangers are set to the proper elevation, plywood decking is ready to be installed. Plywood decking is laid directly on the BORG Joist Hanger. The BORG Hangers screw jack easily adjusts to grade elevation. BORG hangers eliminate time consuming traditional shoring methods. The BORG hanger is fast to set up and stripping reduces labor costs and fewer components reduce inventory costs

    National Forming, Co.
    Phone: (888) 367-7553
    We specialize In Used Formwork online.

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