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PERI Trio Forms


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    PERI Formwork Accessories

    Item Qty Unit
    Artic. Corner TRIO Structure TSGE 270 1320 Each
    Brace Connector TRIO, Galv. 1350 Each
    Concreting Platform TRIO 120 X 270 1230 Each
    Corner TRIO Structure TSE/4 330 1433 Each
    Foundation Strap TRIO 1796 Each
    Guardrail Post Holder TRIO 1509 Each
    Lifting Gear 1482 Each
    Lifting Hook TRIO 1.5 T 1360 Each
  • Trio Formwork framed panel formwork used for floor heights up to 3.30m. PERI Trio Formwork is an independent formwork system with only 6 panel sizes. PERI Trio Formwork has a symmetrical and asymmetrical tie arrangement; enabling Trio ties to be placed horizontally or used vertically. Incorrect erection is eliminated with PERI forms. PERI Formwork only requires one part for all connections: the Trio forms BFD alignment coupler, a German acronym for fastening, aligning and tightening. PERI Formwork provides for the best surface finishes with the highest fresh concrete pressure With only 2 ties in a height of up to 3.30m TRIO 330 complies with DIN 18202, under a fresh concrete pressure of 82.5 kN/m2. PERI Forms can also be extended. The symmetrical tie arrangement ensures correct tie alignment, eliminating faulty erection. Trio Formwork Accessories such as the BFD alignment coupler, compensation waling, scaffold brackets etc., are the same as for PERI TRIO 270 formwork. PERI Trio Formwork has all the advantages, such as: powder coating, connection of struts all round, closed sections etc.

    National Forming, Co.
    Phone: (888) 367-7553
    We specialize In PERI Trio FORMWORK

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