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EFCO Hand-E-Forms


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    Handeform 2500 sq. ft.
  • EFCO FORMS all steel form panel design features cannot be duplicated by any other material. The ribs of the EFCO form panel are welded directly to the face plate giving added strength. The face plate forms a composite section with a rib that allows the face of the form to not only form concrete, but act as a part of the structural cross section spanning from tie to tie. EFCO FORM panels have flange holes at one center-to-center around the perimeter. The holes allow the use of clamps and accessories, allowing the forms to be clamped in any needed position. EFCO FORMS flanges are welded behind the face plate, making a tight joint. All-steel and lightweight face sheet extends to the edge of the panel, giving you consistent concrete texture from one joint to another. This face sheet will produce smooth concrete year after year. You will never have to replace the face sheet of an EFCO steel form. The design features of the EFCO FORM system offers forming efficiencies which can save you time and money and a competitive edge. The tie bearing in an EFCO FORMS panel is an integral part of the panel. The pin bearing locking device is designed to lock the pin into position and hold it securely during the pouring. The EFCO FORM system can be set and stripped by just one worker with the lift handle assists and ease of handling. EFCO FORMS basic panels are all steel for strength, durability and a quality concrete finish. The EFCO FORMS forming system is an easy to use system; inexperienced workers quickly learn the simple mechanics required of the EFCO form system. EFCO FORMS panels are lightweight and conveniently sized, even the largest panel can be set and stripped by just one worker. The EFCO plate clamp is used to hold the forms together. It has a dowel pin that goes through the flange holes to align the panels and the jaw comes down to lock them together. This is a fast and efficient one-piece connection. EFCO FORMS require no wood walers for structural strength. Only single wood aligners are required to align the form set up. EFCO FORMS spreader ties may be removed and reused or the ends may be broken off leaving the remainder of the tie in concrete. Ties may be placed on four centers vertically for a pour of six hundred pounds per square feet. The ties may be placed before or after the panels are clamped in place. The EFCO Spreader Tie Pin locks spreader ties and aligns form panels. This connection fastens the spreader tie directly to the form panel, eliminating the need for walers. Only one EFCO Spreader Tie Pin is required, versus the two wedge pins needed in other systems. Aligner Clamp The aligner clamp is used to clamp the wood aligner to the form panels. This is a one-person operation. Aligners are required on one side of the set-up only. The aligner is not a structural part of the form. It is only for alignment. Erecting the first side EFCO FORMS Basic Erection EFCO form equipment will secure low forming costs and nice appearing concrete surfaces when properly erected. When the form equipment is delivered to the project, the various size panels and the accessories should be separated and stacked adjacent to the work area. Other required material such as lumber, nails, tools and reinforcing steel should be on the job-site. Special emphasis should be placed on having a good form crew. Preplanning the formwork and retaining the same form crew will result in the minimum size crew working at the maximum efficiency. After the wall line has been established, a suitable base plate is fastened to the footing. A level base plate will greatly speed form erection. Erection of form panels can start at the inside or outside face of a wall. Attach the corner panel to the first EFCO FORMS panel to be set. Secure the panels with EFCO Plate Clamps. Set the corner panel and one panel in each direction to hold the first panels erect and in position without bracing. Because of the unique design of the EFCO Form Clamp, it aligns and clamps the forms together rigidly. Special care should be taken to properly place the EFCO form Clamp. The jaw portion of the Plate Clamp should cover the third hole from the top or bottom of the form panel. The EFCO Spreader Tie acts as a spreader keeping the forms apart as well as a tie, keeping the forms together when the pour is being made. Ties may be placed on 4 centers vertically. Because the EFCO form spreader tie acts as both a tie and a spreader and is pinned directly to the form panels, the aligning of the EFCO FORM system is simple and fast. Aligner Clamp The simple one hand closing action of the EFCO Aligner Clamp makes it possible for one worker to place aligners. The Aligner Clamps clamp down with a positive cam action, pulling and holding the aligner tight against the EFCO Forms.

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