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Symons MaxAForm used

  • Symons Max-A-Form

    Large inventory of SYMONS Steel Girder Forms has just now become available for purchase (4/4/2024). All panels are in good, straight condition with FLAT FACES, & available at VERY GOOD prices. Please reach our Sales Department for inventory & delivered pricing.

    National Forming, Co.
    Phone: (888) 367-7553
    We specialize In Max-A-form FORMWORK

    Plate Girder

    Item Qty Unit
    MaxAForm 2 Truckload
  • SYMONS Max‑A‑Form is a steel faced and framed modular forming system rated at a maximum of 1500 pounds per square foot (psf) of concrete pressure. The modular panels are available in a wide variety of sizes in order to make optimum sized gang forms. Crane handled Max‑A‑Form produces excellent concrete finishes in both wall forming and self-spanning applications.

    SYMONS Max A Form components and accessories have been designed for safe and efficient forming operations. It is recommended that all construction personnel review and follow the applicable standards and practices established by the American Concrete Institute, the American National Standards Institute, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the Scaffolding, Shoring and Formwork Institute.

    National Forming, Co.
    Phone: (888) 367-7553
    We specialize In Symons MaxaForm

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