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PERI 350 Multiprops

  • Used PERI Multiprop 350s
    NOW Available 1/30/2024

    PERI MP 350 Slab Props in Excellent Condition and at a Great Price. Please reach our sales department to discuss PERI Formwork PERI MP 350's further.

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    PERI MP 480 Multiprops

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    PERI MP 350's

    Item Qty Unit
    350 Multiprops 1750 each
  • PERI Multiprop 350 / PERI MP 350

    PERI MULTIPROP Props MP can be used as individual props and in combination with the Frame MRK as a table or tower. The outer tube of the PERI MULTIPROP prop is powder coated. The Frame MRK can be mounted on both the outer and inner tube. The integrated measuring tape and free-running collar allow accurate and fast height adjustment. The PERI MULTIPROP prop has a fail-safe feature which prevents the inner tube from unintentionally slipping out. Markings on the outer tube facilitate the exact assembly of the MRK Frame. For any assembly work, only a hammer is required.

    PERI MULTIPROP MP 250, L = 1.45 - 2.50 m
    PERI MULTIPROP MP 350, L = 1.95 - 3.50 m
    PERI MULTIPROP MP 480, L = 2.60 - 4.80 m
    PERI MULTIPROP MP 625, L = 4.30 - 6.25 m

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