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DOKA H20 Beams

  • DOKA H20 Beams

    Large inventory of hard to find Used DOKA H20 Beams in VERY GOOD condition. Reach us for inventory & excellent pricing on DOKA girder formwork materials.

    DOKA Formwork beams updated 5/7/2017

    NF&S Co.
    Phone: (888) 367-7553
    We specialize In DOKA timber beams.

    DOKA Formwork

    Item Qty Unit
    Doka Beam H20 Top 2 Truckloads
  • DOKA H20 Beams superior end reinforcement reduces the damage at the ends of the beams. Reliable & durable, the DOKA H20 Beams are strong, safe, and long lasting for repeat usage. DOKA H20 Beams are quick and easy to assemble.

    NF&S Co.
    Phone: (888) 367-7553
    We specialize In FORMWORK

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