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EFCO Forms Brackets SB5

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    "SB 5" Support Brackets

    Used EFCO Forms "SB 5" Support Brackets - 446 Each - All in good condition. Reach our Sales Department for pricing & availability.

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    EFCO Forms

    Item Qty Unit
    SB5 Bracket 1520 each
  • EFCO FORMS all-steel form panel design features cannot be duplicated by any other material. The ribs of the EFCO form panel are welded directly to the face plate giving added strength. The face plate forms a composite section with a rib that allows the face of the form to not only form concrete, but act as a part of the structural cross section spanning from tie to tie. EFCO FORM panels have flange holes at one center-to-center around the perimeter. The holes allow the use of clamps and accessories, allowing the forms to be clamped in any needed position. EFCO FORMS flanges are welded behind the face plate, making a tight joint. All-steel and lightweight face sheet extends to the edge of the panel, giving you consistent concrete texture from one joint to another. This face sheet will produce smooth concrete year after year. You will never have to replace the face sheet of an EFCO steel form.

    National Forming, Co.
    Phone: (888) 367-7553
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