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    DOKA Steel Post Shores now available 4/3/2022

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    Doka Formwork

    Item Qty Unit
    Doka Prop Eurex 4050 Each
  • Doka Eurex floor props are adjustable telescopic steel props that conform to EN 1065. They are intended to be used as vertical props for temporary works equipment.

    Doka Eurex Floor Props Main Features:
    ● EN 1065-compliant prop.
    ● High load-bearing capacity.
    ● Numbered pegging holes, for easier height adjustment.
    ● Quick connection:
    (Head adapters of various types can be attached in a crane-handling-safe manner with the spring-locked connecting pin.)
    ● Drop-out latch:
    (For safety reasons, Doka Eurex props have latches to prevent the inner tube sliding out of the outer tube.)
    ● Special thread geometry, which makes the prop easier to release even when it is under high load.
    ● When the prop is pushed in all the way, it still leaves a clear 10 cm gap so that the operator's hands are not trapped.
    ● Elbowed fastening clamps, reducing the risk of injury and making the props easier to operate.
    ● Galvanised, long-life constructional design.

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    Phone: (888) 367-7553
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