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DOKA Framax

  • DOKA Framax

    Used DOKA Framax now available. Reach our sales department for details.

    We specialize in used European concrete wall formwork like Doka Framax wall forms.

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    We specialize In DOKA FORMWORK

    DOKA Framax concrete wall forms updated 2/26/2018


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    Framax Xlife 2 Truckloads
  • DOKA Framax Xlife version S, is a European framed formwork system tailored to the special requirements of the North American market. Doka framed formwork Framax Xlife is a complete system which also comprises high-performance safety and workplace accessories. The system lets you tackle forming tasks (especially large-area ones) very swiftly and efficiently. The ingenious panel size-grid makes for optimum adaptability to all construction-site situations. The connecting devices and accessories are also designed to fit in with this grid. The innovative plastic coating of the Xlife sheet enables it to be re-used intensively, with superb con-crete results every time. DOKA Framax Xlife is perfectly tailored for use on:
    ● Large-area walls
    ● Columns
    ● Circular formwork
    ● Footings
    A range of practical accessories makes work on the site a lot easier and does away with the need for costly job site improvisations. With DOKA Framax Xlife, you can gang-form large areas, moving the DOKA formwork by crane.

    National Forming, Co.
    Phone: (888) 367-7553
    We specialize In DOKA FORMWORK

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